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Magnificent and Mouth Watering Mango Party: A Celebration for Grade 1-3
Event Start Date : 18/05/2024 Event End Date 18/05/2024

*Magnificent and Mouth Watering Mango Party: A Celebration for Grade 1-3!*
DAV Centenary Public School, Haldwani, hosted a delightful **Mango Mania** for students of Grade 1 to 3 on *May 18th, 2024* This vibrant celebration honoured the king of fruits - the mango!
The party space buzzed with excitement, adorned in cheerful shades of yellow and green, mirroring the mango's delightful colour. The young learners, dressed in shades of yellow, brought along a dazzling array of mangoes in various forms.
It was a day filled with learning and fun! Teachers whipped up a delicious batch of mango chaat, while the children excitedly shared and savored the diverse mango varieties. The party wasn't just about taste; it was also an educational experience. Students learned about the incredible health benefits of this magnificent fruit.
**Mango Mania** was a truly **mangolicious** day for the children, filled with laughter, learning, and the sweet taste of summer!

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